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Hello and welcome to an ultimate guide to your wedding planning and decor website in Lithuania.

My name is Edita and I am a wedding planner and decor expert. It would be a pleasure for me to help you with your family event. My philosophy is: It’s all about you. 

I am inspired by creative and talented people worldwide. I love to add my modern attitude and international working experience to such a fun but difficult sphere as event planning. I believe that every family event (and especially such as wedding!) is just as important and significant as any other event. I keep a very tight control over all details while I create and work.

Please, email me at if you need a professional wedding planner in Lithuania. Email me if you need an advise regarding anything on your wedding day plans, family event or beautiful decor. I do work only with professionals and enjoy providing complete and professional services only. 

Services we provide:

  • Complete wedding planning from A to Z, in other words – from helping you pick and write invitations to driving your guest back to the airport afterwards if needed. 
  • Wedding day coordination only and in other words – you do the most of the planning yourself and I take over all of the organization worries on The Day and let you enjoy the day careless. 
  • Event Decor only – flowers, colors, theme.
  • Theme tables decor – dessert, cognac, brandy, wine, cigar tables.

You can get a hint what is my taste and what inspires me looking at event photos and ideas in my Blogas. Sorry, everything is written in Lithuanian, but pictures talk more than words. If you are interested in some of my posts particularly, please email me. 

I speak English, so please do not hesitate and contact me.


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